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Theodora Biney-Amissah
Volunteer Coordinator

Theo works on the volunteers team at Footage, but also loves to lend a hand to the social media and events teams. She received her master’s degree in medical anthropology from SOAS in London. Her dissertation was a comparative study on migrant women in search of new economic livelihoods in Ghana and Kenya. Prior to completing graduate school she spent years supporting the implementation of both international and domestic public health projects , as well as community empowerment projects, in several areas related to women's health and well-being. As a medical anthropologist, she believes in the power of narrative and storytelling as transformative social justice tools for both healing and empowerment. After living and volunteering in France and the UK and witnessing the growing populations of migrant populations living on the streets, Theo is committed to advocating for and improving the services offered to support migrant populations.