Our Partners

We partner with organizations and corporations in different ways. Contact us to find out how.

Mahendra Singh Foundation helps girls from different parts of the world on their journeys from victims to survivors. The foundation was founded by Monica and Nikhil Singh and gets its name from their father, late Mr. Mahendra Singh, who devoted his life to helping others and stood strong when Monica was burned with acid, giving her the courage to pursue her dreams. Monica is a motivational speaker honored by the Supreme Court of New York County, a well-known social activist against gender-based violence, a Global Youth Champion of UN Women, and a spokesperson at the UN, representing Face of Resilience from India-United States.


Tell History is a Berlin-based startup that allows people all over the world to add their voices to history, empowering them to share their memories. Although digitalization has revolutionized publishing and journalism, the transmission of history has remained largely the same for thousands of years. A tiny section of society has been responsible for recording and retelling these stories: once it was poets and scribes, now this falls to journalists and academics. In an age where everyone has recording devices in their pockets and people live more and more of their lives online, it’s possible to change this. Tell History makes this possible.


Russian LGBT Network is an interregional, non-governmental organization that promotes equal rights and respect for human dignity, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. It unites and develops regional initiatives, advocacy groups, and provides social and legal services.



A Drop in the Ocean provides immediate and direct aid to refugees, focusing on helping children and their mothers upon arrival in Europe. Since its founding in September of 2015, the organization has coordinated more than 4,000 aid workers in Greece, where aid is highly needed.

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Artil Maidan develops and implements artistic projects in Ukraine, specifically related to culture and arts education.




Theatre for Dialogue, a Ukrainian NGO, uses theatre to discuss oppression with activists, members of discriminated groups, and people aiming at social innovation. Together, they find individual strategies and systemic solutions for issues that hurt. 



Maison des Femmes de Paris is a feminist organization based in Paris, France that combats violence and discrimination against women. The organization has been advocating for the rights of women for more than 30 years.


Nola Ellen Education, Training, and Consultancy specializes in culturally sensitive and inclusive approaches to youth and community work, including the varied areas of: child protection, trafficking and child sexual exploitation prevention, trauma and displacement, child rights, child voice, child participation, interfaith and intercultural dialogue, racial equality, and global diversity.


media-ecology is committed to creating positive learning experiences that enhance the lives of learners and promote the health and well-being of communities, so that they may thrive. media-ecology is thrilled to team up with Footage Foundation in support of their deeply meaningful work.



DJamesFoss Media is a multi-media production company dedicated to sharing stories. The company works diligently to create quality videos and multi-media assets that leave a lasting impact. From live-streaming events to promotional videos to documentary films, DJamesFoss Media has what it takes to help you share your message with the world.

Our Funders

The US Department of State has generously funded Footage's Girl-talk-Girl program through two US-Russia Peer-to-Peer Dialogue Program Awards (2014-2015 and 2015-2016), a Public Diplomacy Program Award from the US Embassy in Ukraine (2017-2018), and a Public Diplomacy Program Award from the US Embassy in Chile (2017-2018).