Invest in this global initiative impacting the mental, social, and emotional wellbeing of young women worldwide and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Invest in a more human and holistic blueprint for sustainable development and urgently needed real-time data demonstrating the connection between individual and global transformation.


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We at Footage Foundation (Footage) have been working tirelessly to develop StrengthIN, the first evidence-based initiative focused on sustainable development and the mental, social, and emotional wellbeing of young women. Our campaign by the same name, StrengthIN: Where wellbeing meets global transformation launched this week, raising funds and awareness both online and in-person.

First off, it offers a more human and holistic blueprint for development by taking into account overlooked basic needs, such as self-worth and connection. These needs are virtually ignored in global crises — times when feelings of shame and disconnection are amplified.

StrengthIN is also set to use Footage’s Theory of Change, which is informed by research and guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to collate real-time data and study the connection between individual and global transformation.

Executive Director and Co-Founder of Footage, Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton, says,

“Our goal is a paradigm shift in humanitarian aid, as we provide rich data tracking the ripple effect of young women’s wellbeing within the global development sphere — how self-worth, compassion, and connection impact development indicators, such as income and education.”

Footage’s work with young women is unique. We use media arts, peer leadership, and technology to build programs where the world’s young women share their stories and design solutions to issues that deeply affect their lives but are not often discussed openly. Learn more about our programs from the past 10 years: Girl-talk-GirlHer{connect}Her.

Dr. Eglinton says,

“Our tested methodology works to break cycles of shame and build self-worth through young women’s compassionate action and connection. This is important, because when we break cycles of shame, young women can maximize their individual potential and positively impact their communities.”

Through StrengthIN, Footage is building upon its wide coalition of global partners: local NGOs, large international organizations, experts in social/behavioral sciences and technology, and young women themselves, all of whom would benefit from this rich source of data.

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Throughout the month of June, Footage is hosting a series of events for StrengthIN in New York City and London, as well as asking questions on social media.

We were at WeWork’s Made By We space in New York City for “Wellness Wednesday” on June 5th (Thank you, Made By We!).

Instructor Marina Manevich is teaching a free yoga class in Central Park on June 9th at 2pm (Thank you, Marina and event organizer Citizen Obsessed!).

Events in London will be announced later this month.


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