Current Programs & Methods


Girl-talk-Girl: Mobile Digital Storytelling and Gender- based Violence

Through this project, young women at risk of experiencing gender-based violence (GBV) engage in mVoiceWorks©, then produce and share mobile digital stories based on their lived experiences. Their stories serve as a platform to spark peer-to-peer dialogue internationally, exploring both unique and common experiences with respect to the GBV that is ever-present in the lives of young women. 

United States and Russia: From 2014-2016, funded by two awards from the US State Department, Girl-talk-Girl developed and scaled a dynamic collaboration between young women in New York City and St. Petersburg.

Ukraine: In 2017, with funding from the US Embassy in Ukraine, Footage implemented Girl-talk-Girl with young women internally displaced by armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

Chile: In 2018, with funding from the US Embassy in Chile, Footage implemented Girl-talk-Girl with first generation women students in the School of Psychology at Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile.

Kazakhstan: In 2020, with funding from the US Embassy in Kazakhstan, Footage will implement Girl-talk-Girl with university students in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Her{connect}Her: Narratives and Connection among Young Refugee and Migrant Women

This program engages young refugee and migrant women worldwide in empowering narrative workshops. Through story sharing, Her{connect}Her cultivates participants' innate agency, belonging, and resilience while fostering compassion and empathy among local and global communities. Hope, dignity, and community are significant themes as this project prioritizes young women as experts on their needs and agents of change while offering them an inclusive network. For this work, Footage was granted a Vodafone Americas Foundation Give Away Award. Thus far, Footage has provided Her{connect}her in Sweden, France, Greece, and the UK.

US-Russia WebinHERs: Dialogue, Inclusion, and Gender-based Violence

After consulting with marginalized young women throughout the US and Russia, as well as the professionals that work with them, we will be providing in-depth educational and interactive webinars on GBV in 2019 and 2020. This project takes an intersectional and participatory approach and is funded by a Peer-to-Peer Program Award from the US State Department.


mVoiceWorks© is a unique participatory voice methodology used in our programs that includes workshops, mobile digital storytelling, and (where needed) human-centered design.


Future Programs

Mobile Learning and 4th World Youth

This initiative asks Indigenous and homeless youth in two communities to develop a mobile application to reengage them in education. This project envisions young people as innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators. Contact us if you are interested in investing in this project.



Past Programs

Homeless Youth Voice

This participatory multimedia project accessed the voices, skills, and tenacity of homeless youth in London, Vancouver, and New York City. Through this project, youth were trained as multimedia researchers and digital story-makers, received job references, and earned a stipend as they developed a deeper understanding of their lives and the lives of their peers. In this project, youth were the active change-makers.