Board Member

A Next Gen impact investor who manages a private portfolio of active investments. Her sector involvement and pro-active participation in investments focus on themes including food systems, clean tech, under-privileged healthcare, affordable housing, as well as water, waste, and environmental sanitation.

Passionate about utilizing networks and efforts to create sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing socio-cultural and environmental issues. Together with her engagement in shareholder activism, Natasha seeks to address the current disbalance between enterprise business models and their corporate social responsibility.

Natasha actively campaigns on mental health issues, has worked on policy initiatives, helped fundraise and create philanthropic solutions, and is a trustee for United for Global Mental Health. She also occupies seats on various advisory committees and boards including, the Next Gen Impact Leadership Accelerator (NILA) program at the University of Zurich, the Footage Foundation and is a founding member of The Conduit, a social membership club in London.