Seeking refuge where there are no sounds of bombs and missiles, we moved towards the tender embrace of mother Afrin.

About the author and artist:


Hamrin Hanan wrote and illustrated The Suffering of the Olive Branch in Afrin while participating in Footage’s Her{connect}Her program in Greece, which amplifies the voices and resilience of displaced young women worldwide.

Hamrin said, "I wrote the book for the people... to know we are refugees not because we want, but because we have to be... I am coming here not for myself, for all children... I want the people to know what is happening in Afrin. It's not just a war. In Afrin, they killed children and grandmothers, grandfathers. And, I want people to know what happened in Afrin, because Afrin, she is very beautiful, but now... she needs help... When people read my book, I want them to feel... This is why I wrote the book."

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